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    Welcome to the official site of the CPEQ.We would like you to protect Club Penguin with us.If your interested please leave a comment in the join page. Thank You for your support. ~Feephill
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Booting This Army Back Up

Well guys im Buggsy from old CPEQ. I have decided since pip and fizz haven’t made a post, that i will bring it back up on its feet. Me(Buggsy) and Fallen(AKA Bigp15 from old CPEQ). will take CPEQ and make it jacked up.

  • Buggsy

Has anyone noticed?

guys we arent active i go on the site almost every day no ones on and no ones on chat and also fizz please dont schedule events that wont be taking place for a long time Thankyou ~pip

ps ~ get active

Some Eventz

Hey guys, Fizz here. Im going to schedule some events for CPEQ to get back on our feet. Lets start with something fun and easy. How about a training session. That can be fallowed by a recruiting session and maybe even later on a PB. Alright, Comment who you want to have a PB with later on. Also we need to to a training session so that we can get back to some CPEQ tactics and everyone can get refreshed that this is back to the CPEQ. Lets rise again. Whos with me? So heres the informatin about it. Maybe a treat will come is we do well at the training and recruitings sessions. =)

  • Where: Sleet (everywhere)
  • Why: Training Session
  • Time(s): 7:00 Pm EST, 6:00 Pm CST, 5:00 Pm MST, 4:00 Pm PST
  • Date: Friday, the 26th


  • Where: Sleet (everywhere)
  • Why: Recruiting Session
  • Time(s): 7:00 Pm EST, 6:00 Pm CST, 5:00 Pm MST, 4:00 Pm PST
  • Monday the 1st
  • Thats all for now.


    Once A Great Army

    This is a pic of a CPEQ PB at its best with about 10 troops at all the battles.

    Bugs I need to talk to you about growing the army. How about chat on Thursday at 6:00 pm East time zone.



    Clones are runing all over cp and saying do not join any army but the clone army. And I think it is time for us to join the war vs clones! I was attacked by them when I was in CPEQ uniform on patrol. We will not be alone on this ACP and many more have joined the fight and I think are time is now! Comment yes if you like it or no if you do not.

    Getting Together

    Rkjcbo: I think we need allies to put up are army name and a link that is how the old CPEQ got so big. So if you are the leader of an army please conisder.

    O.K Buggsy here i just wanted to say I want the old CPEQ back again. I want anyone who was here when i first joined to comment. And whoever Comments if their still buddies on chat with them plz get them to join again.If you have anyother friends that are into armies please get them to join too.